"Thanks so much for all of your help. I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life. You are truly a compassionate and caring person. Without you, things would have turned out much worse."

"Many thanks for being there for us when we need you. I often think of you and the difficult time you helped [us] through."

"I wouldn't be here enjoying this Christmas out here if it weren't for you. I am so grateful to have retained your services. You are not only a most capable and respectable attorney but you are also a most compassionate, generous and humanitarian person."

"Three cheers for the greatest attorney I'll ever know! You're the best! Your latest message told me what I already know and I know you did your best to begin with. I'm a lucky guy! Thanks for all your help!"

"I have no idea exactly what you did or how you did it, but I must say thank you. You have made an extremely difficult situation a lot less horrible. I am grateful to have met you. Thank you again for helping so much."

"Thank you again for being so supportive and so very wise. I am so grateful to you and I know that my son is most fortunate in having you as his advocate. Thank you for doing such important and caring work."

"You've helped give us a wonderful gift — the gift of a second chance to create a new life. We will always remember you compassion, thoughtfulness and the role you played behind-the-scenes as well as "on stage," but most of all we will remember your friendship."

"I thank you very much, Mr Kuttner, for your excellent professionalism always shown. I will always remember that from you, because you are not only an attorney but a wonderful human being."

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    If you're facing criminal charges, you may be frightened and intimidated at the prospect of getting lost in an impersonal system with potentially devastating consequences for your freedom, career, reputation and finances. Make sure you know who you're hiring.

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