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Every DUI case is defensible and we are committed to finding the legal and factual defense necessary to win yours. Our “treat every case as though it was my own” approach to defending your DUI case and your yields excellent results every time. 

Drinking and driving in Georgia is a highly technical crime with very serious penalties. It is to be taken very seriously and requires an attorney with very specific skills to fight successfully.  As former prosecutors, our attorneys have exceptional experience defending clients charged with drunk driving in the Metro Atlanta area.  Extensive Knowledge of Georgia DUI laws and court rulings as well as police techniques and scientific analysis involved in a DUI case means you get a thorough and honest evaluation of your case with the attorneys at Kuttner and Associates.

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  • As Former Prosecutors We Will Try Your Case and Handle All Appeals
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You Have Only 10 Days to Act to Keep Your License

If you have been arrested for DUI and fail to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten business days, your license will be suspended. The length of a license suspension varies depending on whether you are under 21, your blood alcohol content at the time of arrest, and any previous convictions. Generally a motorist charged with drunk driving with a BAC of .08% or higher will receive a one year license suspension. You can get your license returned in 120 days if you complete DUI school and pay a reinstatement fee.

As your attorney we will schedule a DMV hearing and then represent you. The process is complicated and having legal help increases the chances of keeping your driving privileges. We can also petition for a limited driving permit that would allow you to travel between home and work, school or stipulated places.

Penalties for DUI in Georgia

Even a first offense for driving under the influence in Georgia (blood alcohol content of .08% or higher) comes with severe penalties including any or all of the following

  • 40 hours of community service,
  • $300-$1000 fine,
  • surcharges and court fees,
  • a jail sentence,
  • probation,
  • loss of driver's license for up to one year
  • Mandatory participation in Alcohol and Drug Evaluation and Treatment.
  • A conviction for drunk driving in GA would result in a criminal record.

The penalties become harsher with each additional DUI offense within a ten year period. A fourth arrest is filed as a felony, which could result in a revocation of license for 10 years, a $5000 fine and a 5 year jail sentence.

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